• What is Everlasting Jewelry?

    This is not just another piece of jewelry; it is an extension of you, a constant reminder of the thrill of living, a treasure that accompanies you on your journey through life's sweetest adventures and savored memories.


    Each piece of Everlasting Jewelry is 14 carat gold and crafted to become one with you, welded to your wrist, neck, finger or ankle, and without any cumbersome clasps to hinder your spirit. It's like a candy you never have to stop enjoying.

Don't want to make it a forever thang afterall?

We got you, Bae. You can still make your beads a forever thang without the commitment of 24/7 wear. Customize your BomBom Beads but sprinkle it with the flexibility you love (aka: a clasp!) so you can wear when you want!