Sizing & Care

  • Sizing Your Bombom Bracelet

    When selecting a size for your bracelet, please select your wrist measurement. Wrist Measurements should be as follows:

    Petite-5.5"; Standard-6"; Wide-6.5" and Kid-5" (Give or take 1/4")

    For any additional questions, please email

  • Caring for your bombom beads

    We pride ourselves on using high quality beads and materials. While we love to see you wearing your candy daily, we recommend not exposing your candy to water. Although all 14 carat gold-filled beads are tarnish free, as good as gold.

    Beads are all handmade and sizes and color may vary from product image. Patina can develop over time. We suggest to roll your beads on and off your wrist to maintain elasticity. 

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