• The Pedra Fina Necklace
    The Pedra Fina Necklace
  • The Pedra Fina Necklace
    The Pedra Fina Necklace

The Pedra Fina Necklace

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New Layers, New Sparkle ✨ 

With the New Pedra Fina Necklace. This delicate made to order 15” natural stone beauty is the finest candy of our collection. With dainty, sustainably sourced stones and 14K Gold-Filled accoutrements, it’s the perfect piece to add layers to your necklace collection. 

Choose from a curated selection of gemstones that will drive energy into your intentions and beyond: 

Pyrite / a stone known for being called Fools Gold, has energy that attracts wealth. Who couldn’t use some of that?!

Sapphire / a stone to calm the mind and help you to focus. It helps to soothe unwanted thoughts and is a good choice for anyone who might be over-thinking or over-analyzing. Well, I certainly can relate. 

Which stone is for you? Take your pick and cherish this new fine piece of jewelry. Be sure to handle with care. ❤️

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    As individual as memories, every BomBom Beads piece capture the essence of a custom creation. Just like savoring the sweetness of candy, your BomBom Beads are crafted to accompany you through life's adventures.

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